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def: Monetary compensation that is awarded by a court in a civil action to an individual who has been injured through the wrongful conduct of another party.

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We’re the only firm in Queensland who encourage flexible, personable relationships with our clients. We’re a casual firm, but we’re also Pitbulls in the courtroom, and we’ll fight for you until the very end.

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Personal injury claims is what we do! From motor vehicle claims, to workover claims, to negligence, Total permanent disability (TPD) claims & litigation, we have the track record and the know-how to win your case.

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Slip and Fall – Negligence
I had a big fall in a shopping centre and didn’t know where to turn. The injuries really impacted every part of my life and I had no luck when trying to deal with the Shopping Centre myself. The team from Damages Legal visited me in my home as I was unable to travel - now everything has changed. These guys really know how to make the big guys pay! What a team!
- Juha
Work Accident
I wish these guys worked for me - but when I did have a problem they gave me some of the best advice I have ever received. 
- Brendan
Motor Vehicle Accident
Unfortunately, and fortunately, I have been a repeat customer for Daniel and Jayne. There is no one else I would turn to when disaster strikes. These guys have gone above and beyond on many occasions, and have always delivered the results.  I know who I always want on my team, and who I would want to have a beer with afterwards.
- Angus
Motor Vehicle Accident
I work for one of Australia’s largest Insurance Companies. I oppose Lawyers all of the time. When I have an accident I went straight for the Lawyers who always made me work harder for my money. Daniel or Jayne always end up in the Top 5 of our worst adversaries.
- Bianca
Motor Vehicle Accident
Had a crash – get some cash.
- Thomas

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Number of people helped
$ 100,000,000
Total value of damages won
14 months
Average timeframe of case resolution

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